Finum cooperates with leading regional privately-owned companies, which have recognized our cooperation as a quality foundation for making business decisions. Finum provides independent examinations and opinions on objectivity of financial reports, and helps understand points of risk in company business, thereby providing valuable information to concerned investors and capital holders.


Our approach is based on understanding the client’s business and industry, as well as business risks which the client faces. Recognizing the client’s needs in a timely manner, Finum provides tools and services to maximize business efficiency, maintain competition advantage and perform risk mitigation measures and compliance.


We offer better insight and clear understanding of all segments of your business, as well as advice on optimizing the processes in order to enable continuous growth and advancement of your company. Finum offers its clients permanent access to consulting in the field of technical knowledge and financial services.


Our team of professionals follows the latest standards and regulations in order to maintain the highest level of audit quality and principles of business.

What we offer

Audit of annual financial statements

Audit of statutory changes

Audit of share capital

Audit of internal control and reporting