Full accounting services, fully adapted to the needs of your company and business


Audit services based on objective understanding of your business, industry and risk.


Optimal solutions in drawing up tax calculations, tax structuring and project planning

Human Resources

Professional services in employment of top quality staff


Full services of managing investment projects and commercial real estate

Corporate Services

Coordination and management of business processes in all aspects of your business

Our vast experience

in various industries

Web services

Finum’s web services are secure services which provide independence regarding staff, programs and organization.


The service includes all business changes from the beginning of operation, classified based on the ledger account, period and type.


Service which provides thorough reports on liabilities to suppliers and claims from buyers.


The web application does all the work for you regarding administering travel orders and local trips

Task Manager

Web service for organizing your team’s projects and tasks in a company engaged in any business activity.

Upload Centar

Cloud service for exchange of standard format documents between users and Finum.

Pharmacy AdReport

Allows simple and transparent monitoring of expenses covered by the ethical marketing.

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