Finum provides full accounting services, fully adapted to the needs of your company and business.

Our personalized approach and team dedication means you can trust us with correct and prompt recording of business changes in business records, as well as drawing up accounting and tax calculations



What we offer

Accounting Service

Proper and quality organization of accounting and finances guarantee achieving a positive business result. Finum supports the concept that proper decision-making requires timely availability of thorough accounting data on the availability of capital, its structure and source, demands and liabilities, as well as data on other significant business activities.


Our own web service system provides 24/7 immediate, flexible approach to information and enables you to be up to date with your business, to have insight into the ledger, to the full situation regarding assets and liabilities, and buyer and supplier analytics.


We offer a special benefit of document delivery. Simply submit the documents into our upload center, and the next day you will have up to date information in your business records.


Regardless of whether you do accounting in your own applications (domestic, SAP, Navision) or whether you want a complete service, Finum is always there for you.


We provide monitoring of business changes in multiple dimensions (e.g. cost center, activity, product, country, project…) and we refer you to optimal solution in drawing up tax calculations and yearly tax declarations.

Payroll and Other Income Calculation

Service specialized for payroll and other income calculations, as well as structure and management of records required by national legislation, and specific records based on client’s demands.


Our infrastructure uses different web services to make the exchange of communication and data safe, simple and pleasant. Your employees can choose how to receive salary statements discreetly (via e-mail or standard mail). We make periodic reports for your Management according to your demands, and we provide timely and accurate forms for government institutions.


Finum makes a filing order for your Accounting, designed to be entered into the ledger, regardless of whether you use domestic accounting applications, SAR or Navision, and irrespective of the number of dimensions used.


Every company needs financial reporting. Taking into consideration your specific needs, Finum can offer you a custom solution regarding consolidations, budgeting, planning or other business analyses.


We excel at creating specific reports for owners according to international standards and client’s standards. We make upload packages for management of records of affiliated companies according to internal procedures and rules.