Corporate Services

Are you looking for experts in the field of outsourcing office work, experienced administrators for your daily business, or top managers?


Finum is a trustworthy company which satisfies your needs and offers relevant expertise and reliability.


We offer a wide range of corporate services to financial institutions, multinational companies and other companies, and coordinate and manage business processes in everyday business.


Companies today are faced with constant changes and a large number of regulations, which is a significant burden for businesses, hindering them from being fully focused on their product, further development and placement. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to answer all your inquiries in a professional, quick and efficient manner, offering quality solutions and saving your time and money.

What we offer

Services regarding establishment of a company and starting business operations

Business address and PO box services

Administrative, secretary and office services

Rent –a – manager service

Drawing up internal procedures and optimization of business processes

Compliance with GDPR

Applications to FATCA/CRS

Winding-up a company